Logical Venom

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'Specialists characterize Rob Ford's cancer is a form of cancer with 60 different cancers built into it'

-a claim heard on a Health News segment on ctvnewsonline

Scottish Independence using American mathematics

This guy gets it.

Arguing in a YouTube vids comment section

Arguing in a YouTube vids comment section


The zombie apocalypse hits Halifax Shopping Centre courtesy of the iPhone 6

Brooke Lesnar?Antonia Cesaro?Brandi Savage?

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Via Wrestling & Music Is Life


don’t be a little shit to me on tinder

The bipolar assholes on Tinder.


My son’s new favorite shirt.I can still hear him squeal ‘Is that The Trooper?’ Ah,he is definitely Dad’s boy.

A&W Root Beer in a frosted mug.#Perfection

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